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Saturday, 28 October 2017

Waiting Time

This is a time of waiting and wondering and trusting.  JAC, or the ship?  Length of time unknown but what is known is God and His goodness.

I went to see a friend today, she was in a home and has dementia, she is so positive yet not wanting to be were she is at the same time. 

I still must put up the pictures from the bird watching. 

It strange being back in my home land, there are so many elements that are familiar and many that are unfamiliar. 

I look back at the ship and I sense a home, a look ahead and I sense  a God of wonder and a God of meaning and a God that knows each detail of our lives and interweaves His goodness into the mystery and into the unknown. 

Its like painting an abstract picture, you start the painting with music, you start to paint and slowly you see a shape forming and a purpose in the picture that you didn't know at the beginning.

I know I want to paint and draw and be creative, can't wait to have time to draw again.

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