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Sunday, 4 June 2017

We Are Sailing

We set sail on the 3rd June at around 2:30pm, we all were standing on the Monkey Bridge, just above the bridge and were waving goodbye to Benin and to many people down on the dock who were from surrounding ships.  A couple of our Worship leaders starting playing the drums and we sang a song that was so reminisant of dancing and singing with our patients.  It was one of those moments when many different types of emotions came to the surface, faces of the people we have connected with, the images of the types of operation that were done, from the dental to the eyes, to the tumours and orthopaedics.  It was not feel sad and happy at the same time. 
This was the first time I had left a country, but have arrived twice.  As we were sailing in a slightly dodgy area, pirates wise, we had a Navy escort for the first 50 miles, lots of us spent the first part of the day on deck, watching the waves, looking out for the flying fish and seeing the little Naval vessel just off our Starboard side. 
The first night on the ship was calm and although we had a few bigger roles in the middle of the night, I never heard too many bangs or clangs, so it seems like its smooth sailing.  We cross the equator today and will be heading into the Doldrums sometime soon, I never realised that the Doldrums was an actual place.  It is a very calm sea area, with very little wind, which meant when the sailing ships are trying to catch the wind, they could be struck in the Doldrums for days.  Just as well, we not relying on the wind then.

Today I woke and headed up to the Monkey Bridge again and spent a good hour or two out there before coming in to High Tea on the High Seas, and our Acapella group which I used to be part of and will be again next year, sang to us.  After that, it was more watching out for wildlife, and saw a few flying fish again and then we had Worship on deck 7 for a good hour.

Tomorrow will be a working day, so I best get to sleep.

Oh yes, we are on our way to Gran Canarie for Dry Docks and ship maintenance.  

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