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Saturday, 10 June 2017

Update 9th and 10th

Africa Mercy Update - 9 June
The Africa Mercy is currently west of Guinea sailing through rain squalls. The course remains 307, as of this noon report.  The ship will soon be turned to a northerly course. The temperature has warmed to nearly 90 and the wind is 27 knts.  The vessel continues to roll about 3 degrees

The day was a good one, I had the afternoon off and was about to dash out to the bow but when I got there it was closed,  suddenly the rain had come up and we had headed into a small storm.  I was pretty tired from the working week, which is always a big harder during the sail, we are funnily not as busy but that I find to be quite tiring along with the motion of the ship, so I headed for my cabin and had a little nap.  I woke up in time to get back to the bow which was then open and was surprised by a wonderful wildlife moment, as we were looking over the bow, a sea turtle floated past, he or she was bobbing alongside the boat and didn't look very confident at all and I was a bit concerned he might bump into the ship, what an amazing site though.  The flying fish were also seeming to have some flying competitions out there,  and there were more of them as we go more north.

Today, the 10th, I woke with the Captain's announcing that the bow was open, that alone is enough to get me out of bed and excited to get out and about. Sailing is got to be one of the best things.
I headed to deck 7 first and spent some time playing the guitar but then decided I just couldn't stay away from the bow, so I headed there and spent most of the day, firstly reading for a bit and just watching the flying fish and again had an amazing spot of 3 dolfins that had decided that they would come along with the ship and were directly below the ship racing it. What an amazing site.  A little later in the day, we spotted some whales spurting but never got to see them come up at all.  Next was a flying bird that nearly hit into a flying fish.  During the sail they have quite a few activities for the crew, the activity tonight which I didn't join in for is sock golf, but I can hear it going on.  Last night was open mike, which I did stay and watch.

Tomorrow I am going to be shown how to dry flowers and then we will have worship on the bow at 3pm.

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