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Friday, 9 June 2017

Update 8 June & 9th

The vessel is rolling lightly, hardly noticeable. The Africa Mercy is west of Sierra Leone and has traveled over 1300 nautical miles.  There is another 1400 nautical miles remaining in the voyage. 

Today we did a Man Over-board drill  and as I was sitting assisting a crew-mate with her computer, the call came over the system.  There are whales on the Port Side,  there was a stampead of what sounded like elephants going up the steps as everyone clambered to see the sea and where the whales were.  Alas I saw none, but saw some satisfied faces, a reminder for me to make the most of being as sea tommorrow, when I have the afternoon off.

Today is the 9th and Yippee, I am off this afternoon, and the Bow is open, so I am off to make a sandwich and head onto the Bow to watch for wildlife.

A few more flying fish, in fact, they are with us the whole way.  I also spotted a silver something in the middle of the ocean. 

I am hoping for some dolphins soon.

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