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Sunday, 11 June 2017

Sunday Update - Mom in Hospital Again

This morning I awoke to a message from Mom's friend Mandy letting me know that mom had fallen again and was back in hospital with a broken leg, this time the other leg.

She has had an operation this afternoon and I have not been able to speak to her yet but apparently she is doing ok.

Please be praying as she was going to have an interview about accommodation this week.

I am still sailing and we had worship on the bow this afternoon, we spotted some dolphins that came springing along to play in our movement, and the flying fish were also in abundance and were flocks or schools of them.  Last year the same thing happened, when we were worship the dolphins came along. What a blessing to end a day that started out so bad.

I spent a lot of the time on the bow praying and trusting God to be were  I can't be and asking Him to sort out what I cant.  I am so grateful to Lindsey and to Mandy, they have both been so amazing that I can't even express my gratitude.

God is good.

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