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Friday, 16 June 2017

First Few Days in Gran Canary

Our Home is turning into a maintenance time, the hospital is no more a hospital and their are workmen all around.

Everyone was excited to be here and lots of people took the walk to the Port gate and into town, that is about an hour walk, I see some Mercy Hips being shed, but then if you eating ice cream then maybe not.  It was wonderful to see little dogs on leads, something you dont' see much of in Benin and I have so missed the animals and pets that are around, something good about were I am now.

Many many goodbyes are happening and of course many hellos as well.  There are more new people each time I look.

When we walked down to town, we took our little town with us, wherever we went, we saw Mercyshipers along the route, sitting down and having a meal and watching the sun go down.  We saw a lady walking down dressed in African gear and we called out, Mamma Africa, and she came over and had a chat with us, there really was a lot of joy amongst us all as we ventured out.  The new African crew members who have not travelled outside Benin before were exploring this new land.

The other thing that struck me was the greenery and trees, and along the Port main walk, are trees from Madagascar,  go figure.

There are new sites and sounds everywhere and each time I walk past the window, I have to adjust to the different view  Home that move.  I will post pictures soon.

In the next couple of days, we will go into Dry Dock, I am working on Monday, most of the ship have been asked to go ashore because there will be no water, toilets, cold food etc, as we enter into the dry docks, it should be an interesting experience.

News on mom:  She is still in hospital but seems to be doing well.  I will be speaking to her again tommorrow.  Please keep her in your prayers, for a good recovery, for her to grow strong and get good nutrition in her.  It is very worrying, but I am asking the Lord to be were I cant and know He will be.

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