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Wednesday, 29 March 2017

First Day Back on the Ship

It was really hard leaving South Africa, mom is doing well but it was still hard to leave.  The next steps for her are to sell the flat and find a new home, that is still quite a mountain to climb but the Lord will be with her and already has the details planned out.  For us its to trust and prayer and have lots of patience.  Please do keep her in your prayers as she continues to grow stronger and get fully mobile again.

The flight home was good, I had 3 seats to myself and that is always a big bonus for me.  I watch a movie on the plane called Mr Church, it was quite good.  The flight actually arrived about an hour early and as the plane landed you could see the humidity on the windows as they clouded over.  Stepping off the plan gave me a I am back in Benin feel as my glasses clouded over as well, a regular occurrence as I step out of the air conditioned ship and onto the Port.  At first I thought that my guitar and my one bag had been left behind as I coudn't find it but when I went to ask, they pointed me to the side were it had been unpacked to the side, due to its strange size.

I was so grateful for my work buddy and his wife who had come to pick me up and were actually there already, even though we came in early, I was so grateful as I was really tired and just so wanting to get home and into my cabin and get to sleep.  I couldn't really unpack much as my one roommate was already sleeping, so it was a quick unpack of the toothbrush and jarmies and off to bed for me.  As I didn't have a phone, i realised that I would have to wake up to the ship sounds, as I didn't have an alarm.  I did sleep well and heard Janet heading out the room and slowly surfaced myself and headed for the shower, it was just before six.

Up to breakfast and bumping into my dear friend Karen and Rebecca, who gave me lots of hugs.  After breakfast, I started to unpack a bit as no one was sleeping and suddenly started to feel really sad and concerned for how mom was doing but had to then dash up to the office.  I had a nice surprise and also a bad one. The bad one was that I had been moved desks, back to were I was when I arrived and I hated sitting there, I have a thing about not liking to sit in the middle of the room or near the door and I early on in the service was allowed to move to a corner, were I felt I could breath again. So to have to go back to the middle was not a nice feeling at all.  I was then grateful when I was told that I could have the day off to get settled.  I didn't realise just how much I needed that, until I headed back to the cabin and was able to unpack and I then sat down on the bed and literally fell asleep, feeling quite low due to the transissions and the tiredness.  I can't say I am happy to be going back into IS and will still be praying about another role that is more suitable to my character.

The rest of the day was a day of rest and lots of hello's and hugs.  I was nicely surprised when my dear friend Lyndy came up behind me and just gave me a huge hug, it was her birthday today.

I meet with a couple of good friends and caught up a bit and made arrangements to possible go to the orphanage on Saturday.  We also have a four night retreat starting tommorrow night.  I feel exciting about that, even though I was hoping fora  few really early evenings.

Its good to be back on the ship around my friends and Mercyships family but its a mixed emotional state that I am in.

Pace myself, pace myself, I keep telling myself.  My biggest hope know is to connect well with the Lord and to seek some quite time with Him.  I also want to find out how Pauline is and how she has been doing.  Please do keep mom in your prayers.

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Mom Going Home Tomorrow

Went to visit mom for the last time at Alliance today. She is going home tommorrow. She will have a career for two to three weeks. The doctors said she was progressing well and just needed to gain her confidence now. I will be meeting her at her flat tomorrow just after twelve and helping her settle back in.
I met her career who was very sweet. 
 The next steps will be gaining confidence and packing up and deciding were she will live next. 
 Time is flying by so after she settles in for the weekend, I will start trying to help pack up and move some stuff next week.
Prayers for logistics are still needed, lots to do and also for mom and her career, Its a small flat and mom is so used to being independent that this may be a transition too.
Alliance were she was have been wonderful and helped in many ways. She has finally after two weeks of being there, got someone else in her room, just on the last day.

Her Dr told me this morning that mom would be fine on her her, she would just need to gain some confidence.  

Monday, 6 March 2017


Hi, sorry the long delay.
Mom has been in the Step Down facility and has been improving and will go home on Thursday and she will have a carer with her for a couple of weeks I think.

They Alliance Care has been fanastic with their help and attitude. They have really gone the extra mile.
Mom is walking better and is looking forward to going home. 

The next step know will be to sell the flate and decide were her next home will be. There is also therefore a big task of packing and sorting ahead. 

Prayers will be for adjustments, that she will be safe in the flat. She won't be able to go out at all
Prayers for safely and steady progress.
Prayers for decisions about her next home and plan.

Prayers for stamina and good decisions and for the packing and sorting to go smoothly.