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Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Heart in Two Places

I have now been in South Africa for a couple of weeks, and its been a strange time. Having your heart in two places and your weekeness pushed at all places, well that is what you would call a God given call and a growing experience.  Some how I wish I was called into Bible Study full time, called into Art and called into working with people and animals and art.  So what has God called me into?

He has called me into the unknown, He has called me into trust and He has called me into making bad decisions and good ones, and only time will tell which ones I have made. All I can say is that whatever choice I make,,  One thing I can be sure of is His alternate plan will go beyond mine and redeem it.  I trust, I hope and I walk in that place,  this time, its hard for me, its hard for my mom and its hard for all those around, its hard to for my Father who loves me and has a plan, I plan that I walk in and walk out of, and its with huge gratitude that I walk within His plan, knowing, I can't fall outside of His love, I can walk outside of HIs Willl, I can walk out side of his plan, but I can't walk outside of His love and I can't walk outside of His place of protection.

I want to walk close to Him,I want to walk close to those I love  and do my best, but daily I don't . How grateful I am for Him, for His Mercy and Grace.

Mom is in a new place, they are being great, they are helping and I will see her again tommorrow.
We still need to sell the flat, we still need to find a new home, we still need to pack up and flatten the mountain.  We still need to trust and remain in piece.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017


What I will do for a while is update this post and finish each section with the date. So if you keep up to date with were you have read to.

21 Feb 2017
Been to see Mom today, she was looking a bit brighter, earlier in the morning there were some confusions and she thought they were going to send her to a step down facility in Chatsworth which is miles from all her friends and were she lives. By the end of the day, it was looking more hopeful and I had done some logistical things in the morning for her.

She has been walking more and seemed brighter. I managed to do quite a bit of logistics this morning and hope that was helpful. It also seemed that they would now allow her to choice were she goes from a list, so please pray they action that soon and that the places that will suit her will be available.

The next step is the step down facility and then it will be to look at options and for her flat to sell.

Prayer points:
A good Step Down Facility
Mom's good recovery and good treatment
Sale of her flat
Next home for her to be found.
Travel mercies and stamina, practical and logistical grace and strength for me.

Monday, 20 February 2017

Arrived in SA

Leaving the ship was touch, the flight was not great but I did sleep.  Bags never arrived.

Been to see Mom at hospital, it was lovely to see her. I just ask for lot and lots of prayer that the medical insurance comes through to give her the step down facility and moves her soon. She needs to be in a more homely place and were her friends can come and visit. I am going to pick up the car tomorrow and unpack my stuff and then go back to the hospital to discuss the next steps.

Saturday, 18 February 2017

This week

The week has been stressful,  trying to make arrangements, get work done and be a support to the Academy whilst not being really sure what has been going on, has pulled me from pillar to post.

I finished up in the Academy today and was due to go back to IS on Monday.  That or course will not happen and I know finalise my arrangements to go to Durban to assist my mom.

She has had a very difficult time in hospital, she is in an area were she is the odd one out, the food has not been great for her tummy as its been Indian Curries and very spicy and she has had some difficulties with various other things and they still have not arranged for the transfer to the step down facility.

The aim now is to get her there and to get her getting the physio and other treatments that will maximise her recovery and get her home.  Then it will be to sell the flat and work out what the best arrangements for her are.  So it will be exploring options and working out what is the best way forward.

Mom's having a really tough time today. There has been a lot of chanting on her ward, she had one patient who chanted for over 2 hours and then some other ladies came in to visit and they were also making a huge noise. I think its really touch for her as she had not had many visitors since last weekend and all the other people are getting tons of visitors. 
 Being in Chatsmead Hospital means she is far out for her friends to visit. Please be praying for her piece of mind and consideration from the others there.

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

South Africa

Mom is still in hospital and it must be very hard for her there, she is in a hospital far away from friend and that has made it difficult for people to visit.  She has had some amazing friends though who have been out to see her and Mandy has been just amazing, she has been out after a full days work so many times already and on Sunday, today she took mom a few things that she bought,  Mom said it was like a present from God as it was just what she would of picked.  It makes me sad that I have not been there to be able to see to her needs and make sure she is ok.  Mandy I am so grateful that you have stepped into my place.

Mom seems to have realised that maybe she can't go home, she still desires greatly too but the shower at her home is not adequate for her condition and has quite a big step up.  She is as already mentioned on the 3rd floor and there is no lift.  If she can't we are awaiting her insurance company to find her a step down place were she can recover. Please pray one can be found that will be homely, loving care and that has TV so she can keep her mind active.

I know this experience will come back to me in the future when I visit with the patients on the wards. I remember so well Fifillian's home whom I grew so found of, Somehow this sort of experience just give you more emphathy for those who are in similar postions, and for all the patients on the ship who need special love and care.

Due to all the above, I have decided that I must go back to Durban for a time.  I have booked my flight for Sunday night and will be arriving on Monday morning and currently I am booked to stay for about 37 days but I can change my ticket if needed.  I would like to have gone earlier but that was not possible.  I am not 100% sure were I am staying yet, it may be at Mom's flat if she is not there, and I have my Dad and a lovely friend Lyndsey and also a possibility of being put up for a while with someones friend from the Ship, whom lives close by, she is an Artist.  I am awaiting now a mail from the airlines to see about flight confirmations.

I know I will need to get connected to a church when I go back.  I am so greatful to God that He helps us and is with us during these trials, How much more difficult would this be without Him.  Even though I have been stressed in the processing of all this, His presence, His word, His people praying with me, lookng after mom and just His work in the background are all such an amazing support.

Monday, 13 February 2017

Further Progress

Mom has come out of ICU today, she had her first physio and I know it was hard for her but she is doing well.  She had quite a few visitors today which was really lovely for her.

Its looking like she may go home on Friday. She is wanting to be in her own home but it will mean she is home-bound for many weeks.

Monday:  She is awaiting her insurance to come and see her in hospital to asses what her needs are, please pray she will get the help and advise she needs to get the right care.

Friday, 10 February 2017

Mom's progress

Mom has had her operation, it was successful but its going to be a difficult time ahead for her. She is in the process of trying to move home and sell her flat as well, so there is a mountain to climb.  I know the Lord will be in all the arrangements.  He never promised us a trouble free life but that He would be with us through it all.  There is so much mystery in life and so much we don't understand but one thing I realise is that we don't need to understand all the details, we just have to understand and know without a doubt that He is with us through it all and that He loves us.  The troubles we have in this world are temporary and develop much in us.

I know His presence so much in the last days and He has done amazing things already.  It good to know that He is working in the background.

I am going to be taking a leave of absence most likely for a 5 - 6 weeks to go back and help in what ever way I can,  There will be lots of help needed and arrangements for myself of were to stay and when to go etc.  

God's timing is amazing as I am just finishing up in the Academy, having falling in love with many of the children, its so refreshing to be around them, especially with art and in a creative environment.  

I am due to be back in the IS department from the 20th and need to work out some arrangements, so please be praying about all the logistics that will need to come into place.His thoughts.  Or something like that.  That's the Dayles version and hopefully carries the correct lesson.  

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Prayer Request Please

I have continued to work in the Academy and have this week and the next to continue there and then am due or was due to go back to the IS department.

So whats happened now, that may bring some challenges and change.

My mom has had an accident in South Africa,  she is currently in the ICU after having an operation this morning after fracturing her femur.  I am awaiting news from the doctors and there are various aspects that I am waiting on to get information.

Please will you prayer for her protection, the doctors to have wisdom, and for her to be able to manage the changes that this will bring.

Once we have more information, I may need to look at taking a leave of absence to go and help, although I am not sure how that will look at the moment.

There will be lots of arrangements and logistics for all of us and also financial issues to consider.

I know God is in control and has a good plan and will help in every way.