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Friday, 9 December 2016

Sick Week and Turning Corners

So this week did not start well.  I had the pager that I so struggle with that over the weekend and I was not feeling well at all, I had been fighting tooth pain which gratefully has now subsided and starting to get a cold so it was not a great weekend.  Thankfully I had Monday off and ended up in bed for Tuesday and Wednesday.  Its fairly hard on the ship when you are not well as I want to crawl into a corner and just not see anyone but you have to venture out (which is good for me I know) and get some food, the good thing is that you don't have to worry about shopping or cooking.

So at the end of that I was still not really well enough to venture back to work but did do and managed to get through the day and also today.  Today was a bit quieter and we had a Christmas lunch with the IS Team, we went to a Lebanese Restaurant and I had a most delicious burger, burgers being one of my favourite junk foods and having not eaten much this week I felt ok to have it.  Have way through the meal though, a piece of my burger jumped down the front of my shirt, I quietly had a look when I saw no one was looking quickly grabbed it out, only to look up and finding one of my colleagues looking at me, we had a quiet laugh.  How embarrassing.

So what else was different about this week.  Due to my struggle with the pager and the job in general, for certain reasons, the same issues I have had for quite a while and with some encouragement from a few people, I chatted to my boss and asked his permission to explore other possible jobs on the ship.  There are certainly parts of the job that I am ok with but my heart has never been connected with computers, so it seems about time that I at least venture out trusting the Lord to either keep me were I am or to open the doors to another role.  It would just be good to have something more relational. 
My boss was very understanding and has said that he will let HR know and that I can chat to them about other possibilities and that he would release me for a few days to try out other roles to see if they suit me.  So please be praying about the right fit. 

As I had been unwell also, I was not able to go and visit Pauline who I had told I would come along but did manage to get her a letter to explain why.  So this evening it was really good to be able to go down and do some patch work with her and to see how much better she is looking, she was wearing her own cloths, had the bandage off and her one eye was almost normal.  She still had one side swollen but it certainly was great improvement.  Her father was there too, I found out today he is a fisherman and he taught me to say "God be with you", I can't spell it but its something like Mawu cona Powaa, this language is Fon.  I will have to get it written down.  Please do keep praying for them.

Friday, 2 December 2016

SA Ambasadar

It was a fairly quick yet impressionable meeting with the SA Ambassador, she was really lovely and come along with her husband and a few other people.  I arrived at 10:30 as I was asked to and seemed to be the last person there.  I quickly said hello and shock hand and sat down and much to my horror, my zip came down, how relieved I was to have worn that longer shirt.  So how was I going to navigate getting up and doing it up again with all these people around?

On to more dignified matters, the Ambassador asked one of our ladies what bought her to the Mercy Ships and she responded, Jesus.  The Ambassadors eyes just lit up so bright and I could see that she loved Him very much, it was like a little pocket of heaven just opened up.  The nurse then said that she didn't think that she would go back to working in the private sector again.  The Ambassador immediately got the reason and explained that to was why she worked in government, because the private sector is to make money and to help wealthier people but she really felt she wanted to help those who really needed help and didn't have other help.  Her heart was so beautiful and I couldn't help but have my sense and idea of Government change a lot.  I must admit to have always had the prejudice thoughts about Government, corruption is a word that always crops up in my mind when Government is mentioned but this although it didn't totally change my mind, as I know there is a lot of corruption, it also gave me a lot to think about and to respect the very many people who do work very hard for the poor and those who really would be no where with people like this putting their heart and soul into their work. 

We went on a hospital tour with the group and it was nice to spend a bit of time showing them what the hospital was all about.  Michelle who is a Physio was put on the spot and asked to take a tour, she did a great job.  They all looked very touched and I was so pleased I had been able to included as a South African.  We have been invited to a couple of National day events later in the service, that will be interesting.

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Home for Abandond Babies

Today, I joined Mercy Ministries again, this is one other organisation that we are involved with.  It was a very touching experience and also quite overwhelming.   There was the sweetest little 5 month year old that just was so sweet and about 6 other little ones, between the ages of 5 months and 5 years old.  I did not get to hear the stories of the little ones expect for the one little girl, she seemed so sad and her story is tragic. The facts that I have are that she was found by two ladies at the market and bought to the home.  A lady claiming to be her mother came looking for her and the young girl recognised her, but she had no way of proving she was the mother, so was unable to take the young girl.  The judge is obviously trying to protect this young girl, and I don't know the full story so can't say much else but its really heart-breaking. 

Please be praying for these little ones, each one of them touched my heart yet I couldn't not spend much time with each one as I was holding the 5 month old and I was the only one who signed up today.  The big prayer of course would be that some clarity comes for this little 5 year old, they call her Moma. 

Tomorrow I will be meeting the South African Ambassador.  They asked me if I consider myself to be British or South African and I thought about it and had to say both,  Growing up in South Africa, I realise I am still very South African at heart but of course have so many of my friends now in England and of course my sons.