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Wednesday, 6 July 2016

The Hot Stuff

We were up at five this morning, classroom at six and in the field all kitted out with the onboarding team for fire training.

One big metal container, one large and very heavy dude to rescue and a few fires to put out. Lots of instructors, lots of heat, lots of fuzzy thoughts and lots of smoke.

Our first thing was to go inside the large metal container, inside was  lots of artificial smoke to block out vision and our mission was a search and rescue one, we worked in a team and had to maintain contact at all times. Once we located our 160 pound of dead weight dude, we had to lift him and try and pull him out. 

Our 2nd mission was to put out a gas on water fire, this was done individually and then we moved into a group of five of us, all helping with different aspects of putting out another fire, that needed one person to switch off the source of the fire. We worked in a team, the hose man had to spray a wide angle foam in order to protect the rest of us from the fire, when close enough, one of us would move over and turn off the source of the fire. The last one in the row duty was to direct the hose, so that it didn't form any tight bends. We each had a chance to be hose man, then each of the other positions.

Next fire was a simulated electrical one, one person switched off the electricity whist the other put out the fire.

The last and most difficult from being very hot and uncomfortable, was to go into the container, a fire was well developed in the back of it, so there was much smoke and the temperature inside was 700 at the top of the container, thus, keep down was the operative word. I was pouring with sweat before even going in.  We had to enter, keep low and then to sweep the fire with water. Coming out and having someone help you take your jacket off and put and ice cold cloth over your neck was sooo good.

It was all in all a good experience with lots of laughter, photos, water and sweat. I have posted some photos on Facebook as my blog post is playing up with photos.

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Firefighting Day one Over, Yaaaa

Not my most favourite day, but pleased is over, today we picked out our fire fighting gear and had to put it on in three minutes, that was just awful.

Not been sure of your sir size, and the material is so heavy and difficult to get on. The gloves I think we're the hardest and I got close to opting out, however I have done day one and have definitely decided that I won't change careers and become a fireman or women, especially here in Texas were it's rather hot. The morning started with some theory which also was a easy to understand but impossible for me to remember.  The afternoon, we all piled into the van and headed to choose our suits and then had two tests for putting on required equipment which includes boots, trousers, jackets, hats and gloves within a short time. We were also tested on putting on the oxygen tank and head requirement, this was more complicated than I would have thought.Thankfully I just managed that with seconds to go.

This evening chocolates were my most wanted item. 

Tomorrow we are waking at five for a six o'clock start, is cooler that time of the morning.  We have to get geared up and then head down to a container in a field that will be our fire fighting test ground.  We have been told this is all very safe. 

We then have a written test in the afternoon.

I think chocolates may be need then to.

Monday, 4 July 2016

Father's Heart Fireworks and Mother Baby Home

Today was 4th of July, Independence Day here in the states. It was good to have the day of to rest, then this evening we were taken to a fireworks display, at a local mother and babies home called Father's Heart.

It was the most inspiring and heart touching time. The house had originally been owned y Chris Green, a Christian Musician who was killed in a plane crash with five children, including two of his own.  His wife, knowing that it had always been part of his heart, sold the place to a charity who converted it into a 22 bedroomed home for single moms to have their babies. They are also given other options for adoption if that is the most loving choice, but basically they are given all the support they need to make the most loving choice for their babies.

Apart from the home accommodating then, they are also a high school thereby enabling the moms to finish high school. Training in various other things are offered, parenting and a few others.  The home is really beautiful and such a safe and wonderful place for these young moms to come and receive help.  Each bedroom is sponsored, I think mostly by local churches, so each bedroom has a different theme and each one is really beautifully decorated. 

This really made me just love God all the more, this is His heart that is being displayed here, a heart of loving compassion and a heart that wants to help, teach, equipt and love those who have made mistakes and give them a 2nd chance.

After we toured the house, we played a bit of cards and then watched the most spectacular fireworks display.

A long week starts tomorrow.   Prayers for exams, stamina in the heat and endurance are most welcome.

Friday, 1 July 2016

Prayers and Practice and Loonys

The last week of training was once again really good, is hard to put down all the lessons and training we had, as really, it was so full. The main focus of the week however was to prepare us for our mission time, both in Winterton were we will be spending time both doing some construction work that is required, as well as spending time with some people who are in the last stages of HIV, and of course or time in Benin.

The training was about cross culture and how our different world views are formed and how that effects various things.

We had some fun in the training and had some scenarios we had to act out. For instance, I was in the Christian group of missionaries who had some very particular ways about them, they even had their own hats. We were going to visit the Looney tribes and knew nothing about them.  When we entered the class room, we were confronted by a rather wild scene, I will try and get some photos out soon.  They were speaking a strange language and had some strange customs. Needless to say, we had a lot of fun and also learnt a lot.

The week however ended of with a very long Marine Safety course which a group of us had to do. It took me over five hours to complete but I gratefully passed, so I am now certified. 

Next week is going to be full and I think rather stressful, with written tests, please do prayer for me, this will definitely hit my weeknesses.
We do First Aid, Fire Safety and that means proper fire fighting, survival at sea and crowd control. Crowd Control is because the screenings of the patients can mean very big crowds.

Tomorrow is a holiday here, it's Independence Day, we are going along to some Fireworks in the evening.