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Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Seeking Gods Will Next Moves

Coming back to England has been a mixed bag and much harder than anticipated.

The Kaleidoscope keep changing shape as my heart tried to make sense of everything.

I didn't really prepare myself, living up to the last minute in the now on the ship and too as I journeyed back with two new lovely friend Pam and Harry. Talks of mission and other times they had spent on God's mission field and just observing their gentle natures and love of God and His people and each other. We chatted about their studying to prepare them and my heart knew that to was what I hope to do, be about God's business, showing His love, speaking about His word and learning how to serve in His way.  A long journey and much learning to do, how I would love to work alongside others like on the Mercy again.

My settling back has been made bearable by dear friends who have been so amazing.

I collected my feathered friends and have them with me for the moment, they are the sweetest friends too and poor Sammie has had to have two visits to the Vet because of his beck that just keeps growing (my MercyShips bird) . I wish I could keep them but they need more company than I am able to give them.

I am looking into going back to the ship for a year or two. I would need to raise a lot of funds but then many others on board have managed and God is able. I already have enough for the Texas course and the flights and a few months, so it's in Gods hand now.

Other thoughts are Equine Therapy, Art Therapy or perhaps more specialist It support, more one thing at a time type support.

My first step is to settle back down at work and see if that can work, I am trusting Gods ability to guide this random and confused vessel whom He created and knows best. I will just keep sailing and stepping out the boat, I know He will call me to come and direct my path as He sees fit.

This time I cant flap faster, that was for before. God is doing a new thing this time, not sure what yet.

He is my Rock and Anchor and Captain