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Sunday, 31 January 2016

Some Photo's from Andesebe

These are photos on my homeward journey.
 Accomodation at Andesebe
 Bird watch at the Hotel and place for a meal

 Crab Spider 

 Frog on night walk

 Giraffe Beatle
On the roadside rainy season
 A typical house on the roadside
 In the rain forest 
 Mom with Baby

 On the way home, road side Zebu and typical washing


 Night Eyes

 Travelling companions Pam and Harry


 Soccer F
 Smallest Shy Lemma 


Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Andeseba and Home

To post natures pictures and story soon

More last week reflections and random thoughts to be taken later

During my week of lasts, my tissue became my paper.

Seek first the Kingdom of God.
Seek to bring praise to His name.

The week was of goodbyes
My heart was like a kaleidescope and prism
Blue to say goodbye
Pink for the love shown
Yellow for future hello's and time in nature with Pam and Harry
Green for the unstoppable movement of the gospel, good news.
Black is the drifting depression that God is sprinkling with rainbows, helping me leave it behind as white of hope I hear in every prayer and every time a stand on a promise.

Depression is a sneak you have to guard against its sudden appearance.
Transition difficulties bring grief.
That's OK, Pretending and positive thinking lies to the heart.
Believing Gods word is not positive thinking but powerful thinking. Best learn what it really says.
Tell God the truth of how you feel, He knows anyway and wants to and can help.

God secrets are open secrets for anyone willing to search then out. They are not hidden but revealed in His word , with the help of His Holy Spirit.
All His plans are good. Believe

Photos to come

Some notes taken over part of last week's on Mercy ships

A list of words that reminded me of Maddie

Friends made. Friends loved, friends
Choir, Ave be verum
Foals found and loved, 2 hour feeds, stars and hammocks, sudden rain, sudden dash for cover, five minutes later laughter, Martha, more stars and Foal cuddles.  Olivier, loves horses , knows horses, cares for horses.
Riding, beach walk, jumps, sore knees and ankles. Nell
A mare about to birth.
I miss Royal Rush

Poverty, dust, bad smells, hot, sweaty, air-conditioning, yaa.
Wealth of spirit, love of others.
Ward visits, knots, sewing, knitting, drawing, stores read and listened to. Rita, Robin, Ann Marie and bells,
Dock walking with Robin and Kim.
Drawing again, that's me.
Mahambo, Palmarium, Andesebe, hotel with Heleena.
Train Station, Oceans 501, Der a Fifi, Korean
Barbeque on the Docks and dancing.
Ephesians and community meetings and ice cream.
Christmas delights, small gifts, lots of love and thought.
Ship Shop, library, salon.

A season of promise, foals and growth prayed into.
This last week, I sit, I stand and walk and run in a summer snow.
A season of hope, kalidescopes and rainbow prism's that bring yellow when blue is close by, look to the light.
A season of now
This journey has made a pathway across my heart, that I prayer will remain well trodden and that weeds will not grow up. I know I will need to ask the devine garden to constantly be at work, closeness is the only solution, with trust, hope will come.

Seeds planted, live others, selflessness, be joyful, trust God always, stand on and know His word, is true. Be surprised at life, and look in awe at all God has done. Be grateful. Look for the light, it can always be found. Be authentic, you are loved as you are. Be real, there can be bum days, grieve for a time.
People are precious
Poverty is damaging to the rich and the poor.
Selfish wealth is damaging to the rich and the poor.

John 15
John 17
Psalm 139
Psalm 23
Psalm 119:
Matt 18:6 (check)

Admissions tent with Martha and Chris
Rehab with Robin and Maria
IS, cables, phones, EFilm, Academy, Electron, Deck, Hospital, tents, satellites, broadband.  Pagers, eek.

Woman here too want to be loved and to look beautiful, dress ceremonies.
Men here too want to be respected and look good.
Looking good costs a lot less here and a smile is always the best accessory.  No shoes necessary, one outfit will do.

Part of me looks forward to the beauty and safety of my old environment and part of me is scared it will harden me again.

In the poverty and hardship of the lives of the patients, I saw and experienced so much of my Savours heart. I also saw that poverty can inject jealousy as it layers hearts with misguided desires but also a greater love and care for our neighbours.

Does God put the rich and the poor together to increase the wealth of the poor and to enrich the heart of the wealthy as they become poor in spirit and have their hearts reignited.

Andesebe with Pam and Harry

On Friday morning I was up early and headed down to the dock, I had been told that Fifiliana and her mom were coming along to finally have her castes off.  It seemed like I SD missed then when suddenly I saw her mom and was unexpected hugged and many tears were shed by her mom, I was so touched. I said my goodbyes and was surprised when she asked for my contact details and she gave me hers, I felt like Good had just stepped in , in the last moment to arrange this final parting, I was so pleased to have contract details. I also got the opportunity to pray for them before I left.

Then I packed and repacked, I was even more overweight than when I arrived and that's not including the Mercy Hips I was going home with.
Friday afternoon I decided to do a last OVF celebration at the Hope Centre.  I was then surprised again by a call from the balcony and there was Fifilinas mom again, she ran down grabbed me and was wanting a photograph of the the of us, as this was her desire, it was allowed, we are for privacy reasons not allowed to take pictures of the patients.  So talk about last minute desires coming through.

I woke at five and watched my last Madagascan sunrise. We left the ship on Saturday morning to a warm farewell from new close friends. As Pam and Harry had been on the ship for over two years and were dearly loved, the amount of people waving them off was impressive. I can only say that God must have prepared my heart, as He did when I left my little flat in Farnhan as I felt strong at the time. It was sad though to say goodbye to some very precious friends.

About two minutes after leaving though, my heart wealed up and was about to overflow when Harry started talking to me and saved me from a big emotional moment.

The trip was most delightful, new sites all the way and I started to see the beauty of green Madagascar. Our driver who was called Mumie was a very gentle soul and a good driver. Many of the Madagascans are very gentle people.  Harry and I chatted a lot and Pam slept as she was feeling a bit tired after the motion sickness pills. We arrived in good time at the Andesibe hotel and unpacked and then wondered around a bit, had a nice dinner and headed for a nocturnal walk, we didn't see to much but it was full of night sounds and after sleeping for more than five  months with no windows or sounds of nature, it was amazing to hear the sounds.  We then had an fairly easyearly night.

The next morning up early and we headed out

Thursday, 7 January 2016

The Week of Lasts

This last week there have been a lot of lasts.
Last time of visiting patients.
Last time of seeing the Foal.
Last meal out with friends
Last community meeting
Last day of work
Last OVF ceremony
Last time to say goodbye to many lovely new friends
Last time to say goodbye to Fifiana and her mom.
Last movie night
Last meal on deck
Last Madagascan sunset and sunrise.
Last sleep in my bunk bed
Last two minute shower.
Last loo roll purchased ( well I had to mention it)
Can't end on that though.
Last walk to the Port Gate with Robin and Kim
Last drive out the Port Gate on Saturday
And many more.

But then, soon I will have many firsts.

It's a sad time and a time of reflection not yet done, that will happen on the drive to Andeseby and flying home.  I hope that I will be able to write a proper last blog at the airport and post it before I fly home 👑

I am thinking of my King, the one whom I must lean on and can trust to transition me to my next home. It's a home I am looking forward to, a rejoining and reunion with old and loved friends back in England. I ponder what's around the corner, I trust my King to plant me where He wants me and trust that He will strengthen me to leave and strengthen me to take up what He prepared ahead for me to do. I am grateful I am not alone.

Tonight my heart is heavy so I will write more when time will soon permit.  Lots of good thing in the next few days too.

Sunday, 3 January 2016

Saturday, 2 January 2016

A New Year and a Week of Lasts

New Years Eve on the Ship had various options and with my usual decisive nature, I didn't know what to do, so decided to do a few things.
Some people were going off ship to a restaurant called Oceans 501 but they were sleeping off ships so I didn't go there.

There was out International Lounge that was setup with some gentle music and guided scripture readings and then in midships at Star Bucks cafe from nine o'clock there was live music and photo booths setup. So I decided I would pop into the International Lounge just to get an idea of what was there and then head to the midships. I never got to midships and did actually get to stay till midnight and heard the booming of the ships as they touted their horns or  whatever you would call that.

New Years day a few of us went to the Hope Centre to play the bells with the patients, it's such a lovely thing to do. We have two set of about ten to twelve coloured bells that each plays a different note and then song books with color coded music, so it's easy to follow. We first play a few songs and then the patients take a turn, it always brings a smile to everyone's face.

In the evening I went out for a meal at LeFish, an African restaurant with friends from Australia, Graham and Sharon.

Today, I went for my last ride and did  a bit of jumping although he put me on a different horse who I was not as confident on. Then I went to say goodbye to Royal Rush with a heavy heart, and the timing was perfect as they were just feeding him, he really had deposited his little self into my heart, I do hope that one of my friends will take a picture of him when MercyShips leaves in June.  At least I know he is being loved and we'll looked after.

I think Fifiliana will be coming on the fourth to get her plasters changed so I will get to say goodbye.