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Monday, 30 November 2015

Fifianna and Drawing

Today I was asked if I would spend some time with a young girl. She apparently loves to draw and has a very good eye for copying. 

I felt quiet excited and nervous, I still struggle with the language barrier and do not know how to teach or what to bring along.  So, I started of by praying and then asked her when I met her what she likes to draw. She said cartoons and showed me a beautiful picture she copied of Tweetie the bird.  I went of to the Academy, Mercy Ships school and asked for some help. They lent me a book on drawing and I managed to make some copies and had the delight of spending forty five minutes with her as she drew, we never spoke much and I fortunately had some material I had harvested from the Boutique so her mom was able to do some sewing.

Next time, I would like to bring some drawing along so I can draw as well, I thought it might be a bit intimidating to have me watching her.

I do not know her story yet but I believe she will be here for a while. I will be getting a picture of her and would like to draw her, she has a very beautiful smile and has stolen my heart already.

We have a craft evening on Wednesday and I have also signed up for a jingle all the way to the Port Gate run/walk.  

Friday, 27 November 2015

Off to the Rehabilitation Center for the Day

We woke this morning and 3 of us headed off on an adventure.

In Madagascar, you never quite now if your plans will work out as you planned or not.
We were off to catch a Tuk Tuk which we were not sure would be there as we had forgotten to confirm.  As it turned out he was not there and we decided to head for the Port Gate anyway and asked the Mercy Ships Tuk Tuk driver, if he would arrange us another driver.

We got the a new driver and off we went, we were heading to Ivolonia Zoo which is actually a rehabilitation centre, I had been there before and the idea was to sit out on a little house on the middle of the lake with a book.  We were also aware that the Tuk Tuk driver could only take us so far and then we would need to make the last 4 miles on our own, so we had arranged a Bamboo Boat ride for the last miles and then would need to walk.

On the way. 
A graveyard for baskets
 Scout's on there way to discover more Madagascan life and mysteries.

When we arrived at the Bamboo Adventure, it was after stopping quite a few times on the way by the Military - there had been an incident during the week which meant they were stopping lots of people on the way.

In need of natures call when we arrived, I was directed to nature's palace loo with the following view.

And here is Heleena and Martha my two friends who I traveled with and some scenes along the way.

 A good way to spend the day.

We traveled for about half an hour on the Bamboo Boat and saw some Madagascan workers coming along in the water.  
They live 45 km away and travels down to Tana to sell their fruits.
Some of the workers was collecting mud from the bottom of the river and putting in side the boat and would then transport it down the river.

We got dropped off about 2 km from the Park, so we headed off on foot, it was very hot but not as bad as I thought,  This is Martha with me on the way.  
 A welcomed sit down on arrival  and we had a nice drink of Sprite 
 & some of the natural beauty of Madagascar

After our cold drink we then headed out to our little house on the lake and Heleena and I sat and read and wrote while Martha went off for a walk.  We could have sat for hours.

We then headed back and we were most fortunate that we were taken care of all the way back.  We got back and the Bamboo Boat was waiting for us and then when we arrived back, our wonderful Tuk Tuk driver was waiting and actually stopped on the way when my camera lid when flying, he found it and reunited me and got us safely back to the Port Gate. 


Tuesday, 24 November 2015

A Visit to Maison De Retraite - an Old Age Home

We visited the old age home this afternoon.  Just as we were about to leave it decided to give us a big wash and poured down.  The trip was actually very close so we were there in no time at all.

When we first arrived there were only about 3 old ladies sitting down and there was at least 8 of us so we were a bit out numbered.  Soon after we arrived though we had an old lady who was over 90 arrived in a wheel chair, you could immediately see she was quite a character and had us laughing in minutes of her arrival.

We started off with a few songs an then Lere who leads the ministry asked for 3 volunteers, to which  nearly put up my hand (very stupid and very glad I didn’t)  The 3 volunteers were told that they had to sing a song and that we would then vote for the best singer.  Walter my boss had volunteered and was very clever as he started off and told us that he would say the words to a universal song and that we all had to sing back to him. 

We also did some crafts to stick on the ladies doors and painted their nails. I had a short time to play a bit of guitar whilst we were busy, that was nice.

When we left, we were given some fresh leaches straight off the tree.

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Photos I forgot to publish from the Lemma Park : If you double click on the photo it will enlarge.

On the Way

 A little Traveler 


 Were's his foot??