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Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Ward Visits, Medical Talks and Celebration

This week started off with a good walk to the Port gate on Monday night with two new friends, an OT nurse and a teacher, it was good to get some much needed exercise. Robin the OT nurse and I went to the wards again for a visit. I had managed to cut out some material and get hold of some needles and thread, I thought some of the ladies may like to sew some phone holders, which they did. As I am not very good at sewing it was quite funny when one of the male nurses corrected my instructions and then one of the other ladies realised it would be better to sew them inside out.  Fran, at least I had a bit of practice with our home group.

I have requested and its been okayed that I can go along on Friday afternoon to a celebration for the fiscular patients.  They each get a beautiful dress and there hair and makeup done, I believe it's a very beautiful and heart warming occasion, so I am so excited to be able to go along.

Last night was a Bible study on Philippians and I really got a lot out of it. One of the big themes that came through for me was about Jesus character of humility (controlled strength in putting others first) I was mightily challenge and also we pondered the difference between accepting Jesus as Saviour which I think is receiving our life, and then accepting Him as Lord, which made me think of us then giving it back to Him for His purposes. It's wonderful to know we can trust Him to only do what is good, kind, loving and for everyone's good.

Tonight I attended a medical talk on global trends. The basic message was making surgery affordable, accessible (distance wise) and having enough surgeons and anaesthetists trained and staying in the counties of training. A lot more was said and it was very interesting.

I am very much looking forward to the weekend were I may visit a prison or stay on ship and do some drawing.

Sunday, 27 September 2015

Pictures from Weekend Away

Well, the best is to call it an adventure.  We caught the boat for 3 hours, to the Lodge.  We walked from the ship to the Port Gate which is about 15 minutes and it started to rain, hard.  We caught the Tuk Tuk to the little boat and then ended up waiting about an hour an a half for the other group to arrive. We should have had about 18 of us on the boat when another group arrived and stared to pile on and it really looked like they would be standing for the whole 3 hour journey.  When the driver got a call from the hotel, I suspected there was something going on.

The boat ride started and my bag which was sitting under the seat was wet and in a puddle, I was grateful that my lunch in a plastic bottle was at the bottom.  Well the good things is that it didn't' rain the whole way and we got to see some of Madagascan life on the river.  The photos I attach will tell the story.  Lots of the journey was fun, albeit cold and I felt like a drowned rat by the time we arrived.

When we got there, we were informed that there was not enough accommodation and instead of sharing a 4 berth, some of us would have to be ship to another Island and then the rest of us must share a 8 person Bungalow with 13 of us. I volunteered to go the the other Island but some other ladies who were in a group together decided to go.  I was therefore allocated to the 12 berth and it was still 9 o'clock at night and I still didn't have a bed.  I felt miserable and rather annoyed.  The meal was very nice though  and straight after that a bed was located and I managed to get to sleep.

The next morning the rain was still coming down but much gentler.  We went on the forest walk tour which was about 2 hours of bliss.  I so love being out in nature and there were Lema's everywhere and they were just delightful creatures.  My favorite were the larger Lema's and I will get their name.  They had the most gentle of natures and I could have spent a lot more time with them.  When you went to feed them, you put a banana in your hand and they would, instead of taking the banana out of your hand, they would gently take you hand and led it up to their mouth and take the banana off. We also had some Lema kisses which the photo's will show. We also saw some amazing vegetation as well as the carnivorous fly eater.

When we got back, I just packed my bags and sat on the beach waiting for the afternoon boat to arrive, I decided I would like to get back to the ship early as I was really tired out and not feeling very well.

The boat trip back was great and I spent about an hour on the front of the boat lying down just watching us move.

Once were were back we had another adventure of having to catch the Push Push which is a Tuk Tuk but a bicycle driving one.  We meandered through the streets and it was getting dark and I must say, although I didn't feel too nervous, it was starting to feel a bit dodgy.  But we made it and had a wonderful meal at a Korean restaurant.  I don't know what I was thinking when I ordered crab, oh yes, I do, I somehow thought that the crab meat would magically be out of the shell which it wasn't and I wont order that again, even though it was delicious, I didn't' like the shell bits which I managed to have a lot of as well.