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Sunday, 30 August 2015


Last night we had a talent show on board, gosh how amazing is some of the talent onboard. We had piano again, poetry, and some wonderful duets. I did get to bed a lot later than normal.

We were woken up with the Captains voice, I pulled myself out of bed and headed on deck, we were right in the harbour and starting to dock. My first sight of Madagascar.

My roommate Dannie was given her countries flag and there was much waving and celebrations on shore.  We are finally here. 

I heard some of my other Madagascan friends claiming their land, "this is my land" the one said, "is not yours, it's mine said another". Much laughter as home friends were seen on the shore.

I am so excited that soon we will be engaged in the mission work.
The ship will suddenly get very busy, as we welcome onboard about another hundred staff and many more day crew.

If any of you wants to come out and join us, google vacancies and Mercyships.

It's going to be a very busy week, I am on pager duty from tomorrow for a week, I will be most grateful for prayers.  If you see a picture of me with my hair on end, that's because I get a fright each time the beeper goes off. Oh yes, its looks that way most of the time now anyway. Good disguise, "no, I didn't get a fright, I always look this way. "

As we were connecting the computers on the gangway, I walked under a air-conditioning output area, so if you see me positioned on the gangway chatting to the Gerka's, you will know why.

Friday, 28 August 2015

Land Ahoy

We are making great progress, the first site of land, just on the distant horizon. We are still quite a distance away but we can see the mountain line, waves crashing with what I call rainbow waves. If you keep a close lookout, you will see rainbows dancing through the waves close to the boat. I guess with all this water around God decided lots of reminders of His promises would be a good thing for sailors to behold.

My Madagascan friends are feeling their Homeland call and you can sense their excitement, or is it mine!!!?

I am sitting on deck waiting for my washing, having decided to make the most of the sail and have lunch outside, to find my salad full of beetroot all down my light coloured cloths, I can hear my mom telling my father, dress her only as you walking out the door. Well some things don't change a lot.  Pink cloths are good.  .......  Google came to my rescue and I now have clean beetroot free cloths.

Next week is going to be very busy so I am planning to rest as much as I can this weekend, although there is a Madagascar orientation tomorrow and a few social and community things going on. We should be arriving Sunday sometime.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Special Moments

I was sitting this lunch outside, watching the waves and pondering on the small steps that got me here, realising that I can so trust my Heavenly Father and that all I need to do is trust Him with what He shows me.
I thought of climbing a mountain and the real blessing of magnificent views when you get to the top. You may never have started if you considered each challenge of getting to the top. But as I progress and keep pushing one step at a time.

I realise that I don't need to know what the view will look like, nor how long I will be able to stay at the top. I think the Kingdom of God must be like The Valley of 1000 Hills in my homeland. If you stand at the top and look over it, the Hills are onward going, each having its own beauty and view from the top.

Many scriptures and promises pop to mind.

The day ended with the unexpected surprise of being invited by my roommates to visit the engine rooms. Amazing is all I can say, what hard work and so many pipes to keep this great Danish lady afloat.
We were told and shown about the sewage, the water systems, the diesel and all the computers panels, including the dead man alarm. The dead man alarm is for when there is only one person on duty, the have to every thirty minutes hit a button, if they don't, an alarm is sent to sixteen pages.  These men work very hard.

Tomorrow we going to see the bridge during the sail.

I am hoping to sign up to help with crowd control after we arrive but I don't think I will be able to as I will be on the dreaded pager duty. I get a fright each time it goes off.

We have been told that arrival is very busy for our department. For all I am sure.

At sea onwards to Madagascar

This morning started with the realisation that we were sailing. I think my dad realised maybe even before I did, he's been keeping track of the ships location via the web and saw our position released and moving again. We safely managed to pass over our stowaways to the authorities and were free to sail onwards.

There were some more sightings of whales and some big waves crashing over the bow. I have not needed to take sea sickness tablets today, I will see how I go.

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Getting ready to sail

Friday was a day of securing all the computers for sail. A lot of them were actually still OK from their securing for sail from Madagascar to Durban. 

Hands were rather tired at the end of the day but not as bad as they could have been. I got to see a lot more of the ship as well, some of the requirement is huge and amazing, brings the realisation of what we sailing for. The operations and excellent medical care.

Soon we will come out of dry dock, that should be fun to experience, our team will be onboard during the process.

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

All Ears

Winning my heart is what Jesus did through His obedience to His Father and because of His great love of each one.
I ask myself after reading Everyday with Jesus this morning, am I all ears when I listen to God s instructions? I wish I was but a long way to go.

Jesus being all ears to God won my heart, when I am all ears because of trust and love, can I too put winning hearts and loving people first, I know I to often am only all ears to my own needs.

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

First week and a half

First Week - Adjustments

I have just completed my first week on the ship. My first work day was actually my 50 th .
It s been a big adjustment in so many ways. But I am getting there and know I will adjust, I have always been a bit of baby on my initial settling in. 
I am sharing a cabin which is a six birth, I am on the top bunk. We all share a small shower room, so mornings allow for a two minute shower and I try not to be in the shower room for more than ten minutes in total. My roommates are all Madagascan and French speaking, they all nice and do speak English. I believe there are only seven Madagascan s on the ship, the other three are men, so it's nice to be with them.

Breakfast is from six thirty till eight when my work day begins. I work till five and every few weeks or so I will have to be on beeper duty for the weekend and through  the night.
We get an hour for lunch which is great. Dinner is early from five till six thirty, which although early is nice as it means I am able to get to bed early.
The ship has been in dry dock and we were supposed to sail on Monday, but due to boat technical issues, there have been delays which are causing some great logistical issues for planning and many crew difficulties. With the ship being in dry docks, this also means that many operations and facility's go on the blink, like air conditioning was off last night. I believe the home groups etc only get started when in Maddie too, lots to look forward to.
I am at my father's this weekend and have some family birthdays & tomorrow I am shopping for various last minute things.
My department is quite understaffed so prayer would be much appreciated for more volunteer's to join soon. We are also a new team so there's a lot to pickup.  I am not a very practical person so I think I am going to be stretched a lot as that work I will have to do and its a huge concern for me as that sort of work usually make s me cry as I physically get very confused, strange but true. 
Other parts of  the work are of course much better, I just prayer I can work within my strength more. 

My work colleagues are very nice.
One big job which is coming up next week is to get the equipment sea ready, this is a very physical job as it literally means making sure all IT equipment including spare etc are tied down with valcro and secured.

A big item for pray, especially as we are a very small team and two of us girls.
I think we are probably going to sail about the 10 th . I have been told the ship has a big rock when in the open sea, I am excited about the sail and nervous too.  Whenever I have struggled this week, my thought just need to remember why I am here and to think of the people awaiting there operations in Maddie, and I remember why God called me here. I feel He has let me know I will be stretched, so I will remember that in those times.
I would also love prayer for my family when I leave. 

I got allocated the job to day of a cabin checker, this is for emergency drills. It basically means that when they ring the emergency bell, I have a job to do of checking in cabins to make sure  everyone is out and elected, I have to record the info and then take it to what is called a muster station.
I have the bridge and the captains office to do, but I only found out that I am not meant to check the bridge by checking it. We have to do this drill every couple of weeks as a maritime drill.
I have been having fairly early nights and have to be on duty this weekend. I am going to request that my Dad can come on board, he is going to come on Sunday.
Mom visited today and bought me a Steers burger and we sat outside the ship and chatted and had lunch.
Snoozing in ended abruptly when I got awoken by my pager, thankfully by the time I managed to call through, the problem has self resolved, I like those sorts of problems. Shortly afterwards a few more bleeps continued my day as this was my first weekend on call.  Then my dad and Sandra arrived, I showed them what I could of the ship and we had lunch together, like lunch Mom, it was special.
We had fun tonight, the lights went out, it became an opportunity to sit on the floor outside our room and chat with a bunch of people. It was really great. There were many cultures in our small gathering,  English, South African, Madagascan, Congolese, American, Australian
and I think a couple of others, and there were only about ten of us. I was fascinated by the decision about language, I learnt so much and found it easy to listen but with my usual skill of being able to disabsorb (that's my own word, so got to mean something) word sounds and pronounciate things wrong, my roommates had a giggle.
Off to sleep now, next week will be full. We are not yet sure exactly when we sail but probably in about a week and a half.  I have bought some special sea sick tablets recommended by my aunt.  The ship is not made for the open seas, so I am told it rocks a lot, it is safe though.

Monday, after being on call over the weekend:  A bit jadded.
I was looking out the window of the ship this morning an two birds flew by.  The Lord has often spoken to me through birds.  One bird was much smaller than the other and it was having to flap twice as fast, It really spoke to me, I may just have to flap a bit harder for the moment and I grow a bit more.
As we are short staffed, we are maybe going to need some extra time, I am already tired so I know the prayer is lifting me and helping me, especially when my attitude starts to wilt.  Just need some of Jesus rain to lift me up again.  I know being the little bird flying behind, that He won't leave me alone but keep me in His constant site, what a wonderful thing to know.

More is 'n ander dag. 
A few pictures from the top deck.