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Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Drawing of Fifilliana and Ward Visits

This is a sketch of Fifiliana, I did lose her a bit in the sketch so will try again but it still looks like her.
She was discharged to the Hope Center today but is due back on the 4th which is before I leave so that is when I will have to say goodbye to her and her lovely mom.

As Fifilianna left today, we (my friend Rita (my new cabin mate, or not so new) have also made some connections with some of the other ladies who were in the ward.

We were making Yo Yo's today, that are not the traditional yo you but rather a sewing thingy.  I will take a picture when I get one.  There is a lovely shy lady on the ward, I am not sure of her story yet but would like to ask her. Her mom is with her and she has two children, the one a little baby who is four months old but we think she Erica is premature as she has raspy breathing which apparently can happen when they are born premature.  She is a delightful little thing and spend some time sucking on my jersey this evening as she was hungry.  The other little daughter is about 6 I think and she decided the last two nights that she wanted to perch herself on my lap, the first night to just watch Fifilianna drawing and to try and distrupt the process a bit when she got board. The next night she came to perch again and this time is was to put crayons and pencil crayons in my hand and was giving me instructions in Malagasy to draw.  She would take the crayons out my hands and put another one in, point and instruct, she was a really sweetie.

I spent the day drawing today a picture of Jesus - a painting of a young Prodigy Artist called Aikaine, she painted the picture when she was 10 years of and its amazing.  I haven't finished it yet and its only a glim copy of what she did, she really captures His compassionate heart.  There is a big story behind the picture which is amazing. I will have to add this when I have time.

Sunday, 27 December 2015


We woke up and first thing there was an open Starbucks Cafe with free coffee and drinks and some pastries, I decided to mid those as I had signed up for the ten o'clock brunch. It really was an amazing arrangement by the dining crew, there was a breakfast side and a lunch side. I only realized this after I took the breakfast and got to the table and saw pawns and gammon on some friends plate. Mercy Hips hear we come.  I will post some pictures soon.
After brunch we helped set the tables but this didn't take long, and then I headed back to my cabin to read and snoozed much of the afternoon and chatted with family which was sooo good.
The evening there were open cabins, about twelve different people out families opened there cabins for visits, everyone has made some nice eats. Dinner that evening was traditional leftovers.
I visited on the ward fit a while first and the Wee Artist did the beautiful drawings, its always such a blessing to spend time.

 Little Gifts and Decorated Doors

 My roommate Dannie

 The Logos Hope
Was just in their bookshop today.
Today, I was invited on a walk but declined as it's just too hot out there for me and I was going riding later in the day and was very excited to see Royal Rush again.  I then spent some time finishing my drawing of the Wee Artist and went for the horse ride. We rode along the beach and I discovered I had knees and feet, I wondered half way into the ride if I was going to be able to walk afterwards.  I was able to but definitely felt my age, no actually older. The good news is I am not to stiff right now. Tomorrow???
This evening it was lovely to visit the ward again, the Wee Artist drew, her mom and I made paper flowers and I then got to carry  really Wee one, the nurse told me she was probably premature as her breathing was labored. I never got her name, but please be praying for her, I will get her name tomorrow. Her mom is in hospital and the Grandma is there carrying for them.

Some More Photos from OVF Ceremony

OVF Ceremony

Last Friday I went to the OVF Ceremony.  
Each of these ladies has had a long stranding illness which means they continually leak urine and are rejected mostly by their husbands and communities.  After they come onboard and have a simple operation, their dignity is restored and we have a celebration for them were they all dress up, with their beautiful hats.

This man was one of the unique men who has staying with his wife for 21 years of this illness. 

Thursday, 24 December 2015

The Logos Hope Arrives

This is only happened 3 times in a long while that the Logos Hope and the Mercy-ships Ship has been together in a Port at the same time.

It was an exciting time when the Mercy Ships and the Logos Hope crew all came out to greet one another.  The sound of the Horns of the two ships was loud and had a hopeful sound.

The Logos Hope bring education and books, the Mercy Ships brings Medical Care to the poorest of the poor.  God's love for the poorest of poor was so evident on this historical day.  I felt so privileged to be on board and part of it.

Here are some pictures.

Mercy Ship Skies Pictures

This is some pictures of the great clouds and skies at night. 

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Christmas Preparatins and moments On Mercy

It is getting quieter on the ship, slowly but surely people have been leaving the ship for a holiday or visit home.  There have been a variety of different sorts of celebrations.

We had a Dutch Celebration on the 6th of December when they get their gifts, we have had movie nights, an Australian Carol's by Candlelight (I objected to say it was South African) and also English, but I do believe that was started in Australia.  It was a hot but enjoyable evening on the Docks.

The choir which I enjoy being part of sang 4 songs in a concert, there are so many talented people on board, one of the young Academy (from the on-board school) played, and I was amazed, if I had not been sitting watching and rather just listening, I would have thought I was at a concert in a big and professional hall.  I have really enjoyed being part of the choir, even though I can't sing very well, I have learnt a lot and enjoyed it.

The other Mercy Ships Christmas way was to decorate our doors and have a competition.  We were disqualified as we didn't read the rules and used our Port Hole to attach a monitor which we attached with big magnets and then we video's our office activity with a Happy Christmas and snow falling. When we had meetings we had a Happy Christmas Meetings sign and at the end of the day when we left work, we put a log fire to be running.  We made our Christmas Holly out of network cables.

Some Christmas breaking news was:
After eight years of work, at 10:03 Beijing Time on Thursday, Dec. 17th, our new ship was officially born, as the first block came to rest on the dry dock blocks

There have also been other Christmas singing and group activities, its a good place to be this Christmas apart of course for really missing being with family and friends.  

This afternoon is the last working day, although I am on pager duty till Monday.

This morning a great big Italian Liner came in.

So HAVE A WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS, please keep our patients in your prayers.